Searching for RHEL and CentOS information

Submitted by dag on Thu, 2008/06/05 - 23:54

If you use RHEL or CentOS a lot and you often find yourself looking for good information on the web about either CentOS or RHEL, you might find the following Firefox search addons very useful.

Here's my overview, sorted by importance:

Red Hat Knowledgebase search
Search Red Hat's extensive knowledgebase, documentation and many other resources
CentOS Knowledgebase search
Search CentOS' extensive mailinglists, wiki, documentation, forums, bugtracker and website
Red Hat Bugtracker search
Search Red Hat's Bugzilla database by using keywords
Red Hat Bugtracker by Id search
Similar, but search by Red Hat Bugzilla Id. This is mostly important when you are looking at RPM changelogs
Red Hat bugtracker by Component search
Similar, but search by Red Hat Bugzilla Component name. This is useful to find bugs similar to yours by component
CentOS Wiki search
Search CentOS' wiki which contains many useful tricks and clues or get an account and add your own solutions
CentOS Mailinglists search
Search the CentOS mailinglists archive to find solutions from many skilled experts
Red Hat Security Advisories search
Search the Red Hat Network security advisories for packages or CVE information

I would like to have them on Firefox's addon website, but in the meantime you can install them directly from this blog-article.

Also remember that the solutions you find for CentOS are equally suited on RHEL and vice versa. So you might want to have both the RHEL and CentOS Knowledgebase search added to your Firefox.

Important: Only supported by Firefox 2 and higher ! So ironically this will not yet work for CentOS 5.1, but RHEL 5.2 should be fine.
Update: I added the Red Hat Bugzilla by Component as recommended by Joshua Daniel Franklin

Google COOP

This sounds lime a great place to use the google coop ( to make a custom redhat/centos search engine. It would be simple to write a mycroft plugin to query this meta search engine.

I'd do this, but its something that would probably be well placed on the centos home page?

Re my previous comment about

Re my previous comment about a meta search engine:

something like this

This indeed would be useful

This indeed would be useful if it was indexing the Bugzilla database. Unfortunately it is not :-/

One of the most important things Red Hat could do is make their Bugzilla entries indexable by Google. it would help Fedora, RHEL and CentOS users tremendously and increase feedback from the community to the benefit of their users.

Great stuff

Thank you very much, these will be extremely handy!