Skype for Symbian

Submitted by dag on Sat, 2008/07/19 - 13:16

In a recent conversation someone told me he believed there was a Skype for Symbian devices and I could not believe I missed it while looking for it.

So I did the obvious and typed in Google "Skype for Symbian" and the first sponsored link invites to download it directly from

Great ! Not really. It does not exist. Or at least Skype is making it very hard to find :-)

Is this how ads work in the new world order ? Promote something that does not exist, hoping people might find something else they like instead of going to the competition. Bah!

This all despite the CEO promising to release a Symbian version as early as 2005 and recurring promises to release a Symbian version every X months. Should we look for another conspiracy theory here ?

skype for symbian through java

another skype for E71 option

you could also give Nimbuzz a try. It works fine for my E71.


skype for symbian

I use fring, which provides skype for symbian, as a well as a number of popular IM services

Hello you can download skype

Hello you can download skype from the website


iskoot is the official skype interface for mobiles phones. Three mobile is using this program on all the three phones

Sype for Symbian

Whoohoo ! Thanks for

Whoohoo ! Thanks for reporting :-)