T-DOSE in Eindhoven, NL

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2007/10/12 - 20:28

This weekend T-DOSE takes place in Eindhoven, NL. This will be my first T-DOSE, but I expect it to be much like FOSDEM and FrOSCon, although maybe smaller and less developer-oriented than FOSDEM and probably more English-oriented than FrOSCon.

We will have a CentOS booth there, and Daniel de Kok will give a presentation about CentOS and virtualization. CentOS now has lots of possibilities from Qemu and OpenVZ, to Xen and KVM. I wonder if lguest will be discussed and how well it integrates in CentOS.

Also scheduled is a Drupal talk by Bert Boerland. I have seen that name a few times now and it would be nice to add a face to the name.

I will be doing my Dstat presentation to spread the word about Dstat. After 4 years of Dstat development, it was time to get out and let people know what you can do with it. (mental note: remove some slides or talk faster)

If you are nearby Eindhoven, or willing to go the distance, come to T-DOSE. The schedule is very divers and the people are friendly, as always :-)


my talk wasnt the best talk I ever gave. and due to private reasons I had to leave soon as well. either way, we will meetr again sometime...

btw: this captcha is way to hard for /me...

bert boerland

what for ?

I liked your presentation. Especially the list of high-profile websites was impressive and seeing the diversity of looks and themes is important for people to understand what Drupal is all about.

If I have to give some feedback, I would probably explain better what a CMS is. It definitely was buzz-word compliant and I can imagine that some people have problems understanding what they can do with it.

In fact, showing the high-profile (but maybe also personal) websites early on, may get people more excited and more interested for the more abstract parts.

I was very pleased with your presentation and the interaction with the public. It is not always easy to get people involved and you succeeded in that. There will be more opportunities to meet, I am sure :-)


hi dag (boy you bhave heared some cheapo jokes about your name I can imagine)

well, usually I "sell" drupal to people who are selecting their cms of choice (from board to beginners), so I skipped indeed "what is a CMS" or "what should a CMS be able to do" part. thanks for that feedback.

I still think it is harder to do in a language that is not my first one. Joking, adrem etc is just a lot harder.

T-Dose IMHO was a joke. /me too was prepared for oscon/fosdem alike crowd while the bunch that were out there still seemed immature (business wise) and had a high "treintjes op zolderkamer gehalte".

And we will meet at Mediaplaza where the Dutch Drupal User Group (i.o.) will be present. At least some of them including me.

perception is everything


While I can understand your perception of T-DOSE (especially because it was smaller than expected) I do not agree with your assessement of the event.

Maybe it was because you didn't have the time to talk to people, but I met interesting people and learned a few things as well. In fact, during FOSDEM I never get to either going to a presentation (because I always get preempted) or talking to people properly (because it is too noisy and crowded).

At T-DOSE it was more peaceful and less chaotic. It is true that it should have been bigger and definitely more internationally oriented.

Besides, I hope that a positive image of T-DOSE will make sure that people come next year, otherwise the event is dead before it has taken off. Remember that this is just the second edition. FOSDEM took 4 editions to get it right (and still the venue is bad compared to T-DOSE).