The nicest summer picture from Brenda

Submitted by dag on Mon, 2010/06/21 - 16:57

So a local newspaper is having a contest where people can send in their nicest summer picture. At the same time my girlfriend made a very nice picture of her godchild chasing soap bubbles. Bring those two together, and I end up asking the Internet (*you*) to kindly vote for her photo :-)

You can find the picture at:

and to vote for her, you have to click STEM OP DEZE FOTO (vote for this picture). You will gain some non-refundable karma points in the process... ;-)

(And summer only just began, promising...)

I guess one has to sign up first?

Hi Dag,

Wanted to vote for you gf's godchild, but there's no "stem op deze foto" button. I think one has to register?


The vote has ended, she came

The vote has ended, she came out fourth ! Not bad :-)