The story of my nasal polyps

Submitted by dag on Fri, 2009/01/16 - 15:29

People that have met me in real life may know that I have a nasal voice, suffer from more-than-average sneezing and it often looks as if I have a chronic sinusitis. This started slowly 10 years ago, but never got really problematic. 8 years ago I went to a specialist who did not find anything unusual (sinuses were clean) and declared that I must be allergic to something.

Allergic tests were not conclusive, the histamine test was positive ;-) and anti-allergic medicine did not have any impact. So the next 8 years I lived with the many allergic symptoms and enough handkerchiefs to survive the day. Often sneezing was initiated by temperature changes, air-conditioning, all kinds of strong sensations (sunlight, pain, tickling) and sometimes random events.

Two jokes I often made about it was that I must be allergic to my disposable handkerchiefs or that I am allergic to work (often sneezing when just having entered the workplace).

Until last year's new year resolution to have it examined again in 2008. It took the specialist only 10 seconds to find the cause and after a CT scan we learned that nasal polyps infested at least one of my sinuses. Since then my symptoms got slightly worse and I was unable to breath through one of my nostrils often causing me to breath through me mouth when asleep.

Other symptoms that could indicate nasal polyps are snoring, headaches and loss of smell. I was fortunate to not have any of the above.

On Wednesday I went into surgery to get it removed. The surgeon however discovered a lot more polyps than what the CT scan revealed and the surgery took more than 2 hours. The situation was so bad that the internal bleeding of the removal needed to be stopped by leaving behind some tissue.

Since the surgery I now have a consistent headache likely caused by the tissue left-behind (which will be removed in 4 days). And according to the surgeon, a permanent headache was inevitable in a few weeks if I hadn't done any surgery. So two steps forward, one step back I guess ? :-)

Let's hope recovery goes swiftly and I am within the 85% chance that the polyps are a thing of the past. Since I don't want to go through all this again...

I hope by blogging about this experience other people with similar symptoms will be diagnosed earlier instead of 10 years of suffering.

take it easy

I wish you a good recovery from surgery! Take it easy in the next few days/weeks! Resting makes recovery go much faster :-)

Great to see you blogging on your experiences. It might indeed help other people.

Take care!

Nasal Polyps

I had nasal polyps in 1996. This was when I was not getting well with a high dosage of antibiotic medicne. This is when I went to a Nose, Throat, Ear specialist and found out I had Polyps. Make a long story short, I also had a 2nd surgery in 2004 with the return of Polyps. Then not many years later, because it is now 2010 I had polyps again. I did switch doctors, (another story) not by choice, owed money because these doctors are not cheap. This doctore is more layed back, saying well it is up to you if you want surgery or not. He knew if I got to the point of not breathing again, I would be back. Well as you know they do not like giving pretezone but every 4 months. He said if I needed this more often, surgery. I have had testing done from both doctors. Allergic to things but really nothing to cause these polyps. They useally test you for the things that most people are alllergic to, wheat, eggs, pollen, animals, etc. But I took it upon myself to start backing off some food products to see if I could come up with anything. First, I did all they told me with the pillow covers, animals not in bedroom, (my mother took my dog), etc. Nothing helped! So, I am going back to where I started to say I took it upon myself to back off certain foods, and milk was one of them. I do not drink milk, but I still buy soymilk and D vitimins. Predizone will weaken the bones. Then I for some reason, (prayer) quit diet drinks. Those two things I have quit. Now, today it has been 6 months and I have not had to have steroids. I am watching and absorbing all this in. I pray it is the answer to my prayers. I have never went this long with out begging for steroids. I still have the muccus, and sometimes I wake up with one side or the other clogged, but the polyps so far has not grown back to the point of me not breathing at all. I just wanted others to know that it may not be what the doctors are testing you for. So, When I know for sure this was my polyp problem milk and/or diet drinks I am going back and explain to them so they can actually get this in their study and see if there is a connection.

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Well, I thought the not drinking milk and diet drinks helped and it seemed to have help for awhile. I now have polyps again. This last round of steroids did not help. I have already had 2 surgerys, how many more can my face, head, eyes, nose, take? I know the doc will say surgery again.
Why can this not be dignoise? Why can't he tell me why they keep coming back? If you have had 2 or surgerys for nasal polyps please blog me back, and let me know about yourself and what your doctor is saying.

You know, I have the same

You know, I have the same symptoms - and much of the same treatment routine over the last 17 years. Thanks for the post, it gives me something more to consider when I go in to the doctor!

How are things 3 weeks after your surgery?

Hello Field Commander Wieers!

How is your sneezing, sinus condition and the allergic symptoms 3 weeks after your nasal polip surgery?

Thank you,
-Steve B. Zissou

Things are quite alright. I

Things are quite alright. I still need to clean my sinuses at least 2 times a day and another checkup next week.

From then on there's a planned two-yearly checkup to see whether they are recurring or not.

But all my allergic symptoms are things of the past and being able to breath normally again provides you with a feeling of freedom. It is amazing how bad it was and I didn't realize it because it only went bad gradually over 10 years time (or more).

After surgery headaches

I thought something was really wronge with me, it's been about a week since I've had my polyps removed, which were pretty bad, they were large and started to go down my throat, to top that off all my sinuses were totally blocked and I had a deviated septum which was also fixed at the same time, and believe it or not I never had or have any pain after the surgery. But I did and still have a constant headache along with dizzyness which totally throws me off, someone please help me in understanding the headaches and dizzyness and what I should do. thanks ☺


Funny stumbling onto this blog while looking for alternative Fedora10 repos.
Not one hour ago I was talking to a friend about my nasal problems, and that I really should go and see a doctor, etc... and this blog repeats most of it. Spooky!
I had surgery some 20 years ago, removing nasal vegetation and other superfluous matter, and after a few painful months all my problems where gone.
Last year, the sneezing started again, in the middle of august, and it's slowly getting worse. So I also have this New Years resolution to go see a doctor in 2009, even if I already know the verdict and all the hassle and pain it will bring. :-(

One the other hand, buying one of those rubber keyboards might let me postpone a bit more.
Have a happy healing period, always:-)

take it easy coz i have

take it easy coz i have experienced the same thing although i'm just 15!