Warning module available on drupal.org

Submitted by dag on Sun, 2009/02/08 - 09:46

The warning module for Drupal that I blogged about earlier is now available from the drupal.org website at:


Try it out, it helped to decrease my comment spam without needing any drastic actions (like closing comments on older articles) and early feedback from testers proofs promising.

Let me know what you would improve !

Next up is adding the comment_moderation module as well so it becomes easier to manage your comments on moderated sites.

Still some warnings

Still some warnings.. but functionality seems ok ..
Check the Drupal project page for the warnings.

They had been fixed. I fixed

They had been fixed. I fixed them two times already but the darn CVS and how tagging works is frustrating. I also don't know why I can't map HEAD to DRUPAL-6--1 so that by default all changes to my development release.

I just wish the Drupal people would move to subversion and enter the 21st century.

Why suffer ?