Well, the LUC (where my pages were located till now) closed everybody's account without any warning and we (all the students) would get it back if we've got our new student card, we were not able to read our mail or change our homepage and to get such a card we sometimes have to wait a couple of weeks. And if we were expecting an urgent message or something, we were screwed !

This university (LUC) hasn't got a proper policy concerning Internet or new media. They also have decided that the students are no longer authorized to create a homepage, just to ease their job of keeping everything under control ! (And not mentioning the staff being filled with a bunch of old people knowing nothing of computers and waiting to get older, except of 2 young ones !!)

And that's why I couldn't tell all of you where I was moving to and why I couldn't put a link to my new pages.
So ban the LUC ;-))