• Open in New Window
    To follow links without leaving DAGMENU, keep the right button pressed on a link until a pop-up window appears and click on 'Open in New Window'. By doing it this way, the music won't stop during your visit to other sites ! (And I hate it when every link acts this way !)

  • Searching for files/documentation
    WebSearch is designed for searching rapidly and easily. You have to type the keywords only once and click on as many sites as you like. If you find too much information you don't need, try to add more specific words.

  • Deadlink ? Report it !
    If one of the links listed here is obsolete, please report it, if previous visitors had report that link, you hadn't had any problem. So help future visitors avoiding those links by reporting them !

  • Saw something cool ?
    Don't just copy the script you like ! Look at how I made them and try to think of some improvements or enhancements. And try to write it on your own. That way you learn how to write these things on your own and later even invent new things ! If you want to stay stupid and really want to copy them, leave a note for Dag Wieers, I would really appreciate that, rather than just stealing !

  • Add links yourself !
    Maybe you know a nice page to add, maybe you've got your own page and is it valuable enough to add it. Just push the 'Add'-link and leave the URL's !