Hey, a Brian Albertson (a pixies-fan from San Diego) sent me a bootleg to thank me for the bootlegs he was able to download. He said 'they' told them it was from the Cabaret Metro-gig 10 aug 1989. but the set-list doesn't much. so we're a bit, euhm, stuck ;) the setlist is a typicaly from the doolittle-era, the songs they play and the alphabetic order ;) between june 1989 and somewhere beginning 1990. it doesn't include Dead (which is a bit strange i think) and they didn't play anything from Bossanova. You can hear the audience, but while they're playing it isn't really disturbing. Kim Deal says some things between songs and i wrote it down (at least the bits i could hear ;p) if someone is willing to help me trace this back, then i can put it online too. (as long as i don't know which performance it was, i'm not willing to put it online...) especially Where Is My Mind? and the intro of Mr. Grieves are very nice ;) It's 54m40s long. hope someone can help ;) --- 1. Bone Machine During intro KD says something like: ' KD: A man is always very popular after the first song KD: Do they win today ? 2. Cactus 3. Caribou 4. Crackity Jones KD: Thanks 5. Debaser 6. Gigantic 7. Gouge Away 8. Hey KD: Hi 9. Holiday Song 10. I Bleed Fade out Pause ? Fade in 11. Isla de Encanta 12. Levitate Me KD: Thanks 13. Mr Grieves 14. Monkey Gone to Heaven KD: 15. Tame KD: 16. There Goes My Gun 17. Wave of Mutilation 18. Where Is My Mind (Very nice intro where they suddenly stop twice and the audience is going wild ;p) People screaming something, takes a while then: FB: Thank you very much KD: I'm sorry, we're not going to do that one. 19. Into The White Fade out ---