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Based on French surrealistic film "Un Chien Andalou", by Spanish director Luis Bunuel (1928). The film has a scene in which an eyeball is being cut open.

"I am un chien andalusia" actually mixes English ("I am"), Spanish ("un", which exists in French, but is actually pronounced as in Spanish), French ("chien"), and something undetermined ("andalusia" as such is neither French nor Spanish).

'I wish Bunuel was still alive. He made this film about nothing in particular. The title itself is a nonsense. With my stupid, pseudo-scholar, naive, enthusiast, avant-garde-ish, amateurish way to watch 'Un Chien Andalou' (twice), I thought: 'Yeah, I will make a song about it,' he sings: "un chien andalou"...It sounds too French, so I will sing "un chien andalusia", it sounds good, no?'
(Black Francis, translated from a Spanish interview)

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary (1913)
Debase [De*base"], v. t. [imp. & p. p. Debased; p. pr. & vb. n. Debasing.] [Pref. de- + base. See Base, a., and cf. Abase.] To reduce from a higher to a lower state or grade of worth, dignity, purity, station, etc.; to degrade; to lower; to deteriorate; to abase; as, to debase the character by crime; to debase the mind by frivolity; to debase style by vulgar words.
Syn: To abase; degrade.
Debaser [De*bas"er], n. One who, or that which, debases.

WordNet (r) 1.5
debase v
1: corrupt morally [syn: corrupt, pervert, demoralize, debauch, profane, vitiate, deprave, misdirect]
2: lower in value; of metals [syn: alloy]
3: add water to a mixture to dilute it [syn: adulterate, water down, dilate]

  • demo from Boston Rehersal Tapes (Souls On Fire)
  • demo from Doolittle Demo Tracks (Give Me Ecstasy)
  • track from album (Debaser, Doolittle)
  • track from single (Head On)
  • live at ??
  • live at Cabaret Metro, Chicago (All Over The World, Black Hunter, Live, Velouria Live)
  • live at Civic Center, Lakeland, Florida (Situation Red)
  • live at Glastonbury Festival (Live)
  • live at Crystal Palace Bowl, UK (Death To The Pixies)
  • live in Hamburg (Le Mouria, Levitation Time)
  • live at Leysin Festival, Switzerland (Subbacultcha)
  • live in London, England (Return Of The Fatman)
  • live in Liverpool (Give Me Ecstasy)
  • live at Malibu NightClub (Bone Machine, This Was My Life)
  • live at Mesepalast, Vienna (Live In Heaven, Live In Vienna)
  • live at Newcastle Polytechnic (All Over The World, Gigantic, Newcastle, Timeless Stars)
  • live at Pink Pop Festival, Holland (All Over The World, Souls On Fire)
  • live at Rote Fabrik, Zurich (Zurich 1989)
  • live at SF Warfield, San Francisco (PLanet Of Sound)
  • live at Vredenburg '90 (Death To The Pixies)
  • cover from Kerbdog
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