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Pixies - Havalina
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  Havalina, havalina, havalina, havalina

  Walking in the breeze 
  On the plains of old Sedona 
  Among the trees

  Havalina, havalina, havalina, havalina

  Havalina, havalina, havalina, havalina

		Black Francis
		(p) 1990 4-A-D

Havalina is the Mexican name for a wild boar and has nothing to do with the band of that name - who did, however, got the Pixies stoned in Texas.

Sedona is a city in Arizona, US.

"Havalina, the album's closing song, was composed after Charles and his girlfriend were chased by a wild pig in Arizona. 'So he decided to write a real pretty love song. I've been thinking about this...I don't think there's anything innately erotic about pigs. But generally they are sweet, shy, mysterious creatures. Especially the little ones. When they get big, they get kinda gross.'" - Kim Deal in Melody Maker

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