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Pixies - Make Believe
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  I've been lost 
  Since she's gone 
  That piano 
  She's kneeling on 

  I don't want you to
  Marry me 
  Make believe
  You're Debbie G.

  I'm not down on 
  Who you are 
  She is love with a voice 
  And a shape that's like guitar 

  I don't want you 
  You want me 
  Make believe
  You're Debbie G.
  Make believe
  You're Debbie G.

  Make believe 
  You're Debbie G.

		Black Francis

This song results from an obsession of drummer David Lovering over pop singer Debbie Gibson. It was written by Black Francis and sung by David Lovering.

Debbie Gibson (now known as Deborah Gibson) was a succesful teenage pop singer with songs like "Only In My Dreams", "Shake Your Love" and "Lost In Your Eyes". She is now an accomplished stage performer.

"A song I wrote for David Lovering, a love song for Debbie Gibson. When we recorded it originally I doubled up the drums and it sounded way Gary Glitter, way Clash. I loved it but it was a little too like The Dickies and Ciccone Youth and those guys do it best." -- Black Francis in NME

"A kind of love song to Debbie Gibson, but it's something of a joke really. I don't really want to marry her. Honestly." -- Black Francis in Melody Maker

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