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Pixies - Manta Ray
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  All in a day
  All for me
  Trek across the space
  It'll be just like they say

  Oo, oo, 
  Oo, oo

  Since I am told
  Month number three
  He has no memory
  Of flyers in the night

  Oo, oo,
  Oo, oo

  They went away (x2)
  My manta ray is all right (x4)

  Police they say
  My mother too
  A fish from ocean blue		(possibly Ocean Boo)
  Above my head tonight

  Oo, oo,
  Oo, oo

  There is a way (x2)
  My manta ray is all right (x7)
  All right


According to Black Francis, he and his family were exposed to a UFO in 1965. He was only 3 months old at that time. ('Month number three')

"That's my code word for UFO. It's about a UFO incident in 1965. I have it described to me in great detail by people who were there. My mother was there. This was in Nebraska. My cousin has a couple of UFO experiences, too. I've only had one and I don't even remember it; it's sort of undramatic. There were legit people who don't even follow that stuff. It's like, 'What, mom? Say that again? There was a flying saucer floating above the house for half an hour and everyone just stood there and watched it?' 'Yeah, I don't know. There was just kind of a floating saucer.' Charles imitates in a maternal falsetto. 'I was just like, 'What?' It was just hovering. Then the state police came and chase it, but they couldn't catch up with it. A big red fucking saucer, a glowing, fucking, flying saucer. My mother's weird, but she's not that weird. She's got no reason to make this stuff up. She's harmless, do you know what I mean? I have a couple of memories as a young boy seeing things in the sky that did not look like airplanes. Once a rocketship, but I thought it was a blimp because we lived right near the Goodyear Blimp in L.A. It was right down the road and took off everyday. It would have messages and stuff. So I was watching the lights of the blimp so I sort of was following in the car, then it started going in the other direction, really fast. It was a blimp, then it wasn't a blimp. Of course an airplane does not look like that. The only thing that moves like it is a helicopter and it just did not look like a helicopter. It was a blimp then it was going really fast and going in the other direction. Blimps make real wide turns." -- Alternative Press citing Black Francis

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