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Pixies - Theme From NARC
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  The-me Fro-m NA-RC

  The-me Fro-m NA-RC


This is Pixies version of the theme of an old video game called NARC, short for narcotics officer. Designed by Eugene Jarvis, this 1988 NES hit featured some of the most intense, graphic violence in any video game to that date, all of it directed toward the assorted scum and lowlifes that dealt drugs on your characters beat.

In the song you can hear some screams and a computer-generated voice, just like the video game. A true fan can experience the game by installing MAME and download a (yet illegal) NARC ROMS. There are 2 versions, rev 3.20 and rev 7.00.

I would have liked if at the end Kim's computerized voice would shout I give up ! A drugdealer in the game would surrender with those exact wordings.

"Theme From NARC doesn't really have a chorus. I thought it was pretty cool, because the chord progression in it is completely fucked up. It isn't standard rock n roll progression." - Black Francis in Rock A My Soul fanzine #2

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