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Pixies - Wave Of Mutilation
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   Cease to resist, giving my goodbye
   Drive my car into the ocean
   You think I'm dead, but I sail away
   On a wave of mutilation
   Wave of mutilation (x2)
   Wave, wave

   I've kissed mermaids, rode the El Nino
   Walked the sand with the crustaceans
   Could find my way to Mariana
   On a wave of mutilation
   Wave of mutilation (x2)
   Wave, wave

   Wave of mutilation (x3)
   Wave, wave

		Black Francis
		(p) 1989 4-A-D

"This is a song about nothing" -- Black Francis in a concert

"The million pounds of sludge killing men in the sea. Charles himself gets sucked into the Ocean on Wave Of Mutilation. 'I guess I've always lived kind of near the ocean. I never got to live for too long in one place, but I like oceans in general. I think the oceans are an inspiration for anybody. It's the other part of the earth. There's land and then there's the ocean, and it's even bigger. There's nothing in there man, but it's just a big blank space. Kind of scary too, for everybody, even for people that aren't afraid to die in it, like the captain of the ship. The watery deaths and everything that lives there, food, fish and animals. Just amazing stuff.'" -- Alternative Press citing Black Francis

"People would listen to something like Wave Of Mutilation and think, 'Oh yeah, murder, crucifixion, extermination', but it was really just a song about sea currents and nice animals. It was nothing to do with cutting throats." -- Black Francis in Melody Maker

"Wave Of Mutilation attempted to intertwine The Beach Boys with Charlie Manson" -- Melody Maker

"The first verse is about the phenomenon where Japanese businessmen were putting their whole family in the car and driving off the dock. The second verse features the Marianas Trench. The only Pixies song I've played as a solo guy." -- Frank Black in SELECT, October 1997

The band Saves The Day has been covering the song during their tour across America. Also covered by Superdrag.

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