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Pixies - Letter To Memphis
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   The day since I met her 
   I can't believe it's true 
   She came here from memphis 
   Across the ocean sailing 
   And I saw her and I pleaded 
   Why do you come so far and she said 

   Trying to get to you 
   How I tried to get you 
   Trying to get you
   I'm sending a letter 
   I'll send it right to you 
   I'll send it to memphis 
   I know that someday 
   Everything I needed and I wanted 
   Used to be that my head was haunted 
   And all these sirens they make me mad 
   And all this violence it brings me down 
   I feel strong I feel lucky 

   Trying to get to you 
   Said I'm going to get to you 
   Trying to get to you

		Black Francis
		(p) 1991 4-A-D