This page is not yet completed and I should make work of releasing some of these tools.

Collection of handy tools for (Red Hat) Linux administrators.

Home-made adapted RPM packages

Dag Apt-repository and RPM builder

Dia sheet and shapes for network-diagrams

Tool for managing system hardware and software configurations

for handling time-stamped images

Documentation and a set of Distcc compilers for Red Hat

Versatile system resource statistics tool

All-purpose firewall generator

PHP scripts for creating/managing simple directory-structured websites (like this one)

A list of applets I would like to implement and demo applets

A wrapper to log any command run on the system

A list of plugins I wrote for PyTone.

Tool to configure QLogic qla2x00 driver

Modular stateful iptables-firewall framework

Centralised server Resource and Application MONitoring using RRDtool

Send Messages over SMS

Restrict processes from tampering with files

Some squidguard add-on stuff

System Book generator

Change time for child processes

Yum/Apt Mirroring tool