DAR is a framework for building packages in clean build environments (distributions). It consists of tools to create and manage these build environments, to build packages for each build environment and to update multiple Apt repositories.
DAR was my abbreviation for "", which was my own collection of packages. But soon the scripts took over the name. dar now stand for Dynamic Apt Repository builder or maybe not. With DAR you can do any of the following things Each SPEC file contains extra information for DAR. Extra headers can be: Rebuild all kernel-packages for Red Hat 8.0 and force overwriting if they exist. Tag them as being in the test repository.
dar-build -f -d rh80 -t test /mnt/dar/SPECS/kernel-*
Update repositories with package libmad-devel and soapbox.
dar-update libmad-devel soapbox
Sync local repositories with remote repositories.
Execute a command in each build environment.
dar-exec cat /etc/redhat-release
I have pretty old packages available at: You can have access to the latest release via subversion from: