I have a wishlists for interesting GNOME applets that (since no-one volunteered) I'm now implementing myself ;) I'm only now starting to program in Mono/Gtk-sharp and it goes very well.
If you have an interesting GNOME applet idea or you have improvements to this document, please !
An applet that allows you to change your GNOME Proxy configuration with a single click.

Galeon used to have a single click 'Network Proxy selector' in their menu, which I used frequently. In a discussion with Epiphany developers about this same functionality (using GConf) they argued that you could already move the Proxy Network capplet to your taskbar.

But that doesn't offer all the functionality I'm looking for. What I think would be neat is:

A first basic implementation is in the file and packages can be found at . An applet that shows active network interfaces and their network-configuration.

Windows XP has a useful that shows the state of an interface (similar as what mii-tool gives). There's already a and a but those are mainly made to see the bandwidth usage and are not similar to what the Windows XP applet does.

The applet would do the following:

You can find RPM packages containing the netspeed_applet at: An applet that enables your current GNOME session to be VNC (RFB)-aware.

used to have a that actually does what I want. But they used the Xclasses toolkit and it doesn't work with a GNOME 2 taskbar.

Eventually it should give the same functionality as the for configuring the VNC server and providing the user with information on the network IP configuration.

You can find RPM packages containing x0rfbserver at: An applet that gives you fast access to a phonetic alphabet of your choice with a single click.

I often find myself spelling out passwords or URLs over the phone with my own made-up alphabet which often leads to more confusion.

The applet would consists of:

A first implementation is in the file and packages can be found at .

Here is a screenshot of the basic version:

Here's a list of other useful (non-default) GNOME applets I'm using:

Here's a list of some GNOME tray applets: I couldn't find a lot of documentation on writing applets. Here's what I found: