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GPFS and RDAC packages
Here are a few SPEC files to build GPFS and RDAC packages. They may help you manage and deploy GPFS on SLES9.
To use GPFS and RDAC on a vanilla SLES9 kernel (in these examples 2.5.6-7.193) you have to install a few RPM packages in advance. Mainly kernel-source and kernel-smp. The kernel-module-gpfs SPEC file is also specifically made for a x86_64/smp system and requires manual modifications to work for x86 or ppc.

If you have installed the kernel-smp and kernel-source packages to build against, first boot into the kernel you want the modules for. Then do:

rpmbuild -ba kernel-module-gpfs.dag.spec rpmbuild -ba kernel-module-mpp.dag.spec

If all goes well, you will get the following files:

kernel-module-gpfs- kernel-module-mpp-09.01.B5.07_193smp-2.dag.x86_64.rpm mpp-utils-09.01.B5.07_193smp-2.dag.x86_64.rpm

In case you are missing files, open the SPEC file, look at the Source/URL-tags and download the files from the URLs provided. rpmbuild will complain with the correct filenames in case you have doubts.

In case you require a patched kernel. Download and install the kernel-source and kernel-smp source RPM packages (.src.rpm). Modify the resulting SPEC files in /usr/src/packages/SPECS/ to your wishes and build those.

Then install the resulting binary packages, boot the kernel and build the kernel-module-gpfs and kernel-module-mpp packages as described above.

The kernel-source and kernel-smp SPEC files provided below require the largeio patches for the kernel and qla2300 driver.

NameLast ModifiedSizeDescription
kernel-module-gpfs.dag.specFri 27 Jan 20064 kBSPEC file
kernel-module-mpp.dag.specFri 27 Jan 20062 kBSPEC file
kernel-smp.dag.specFri 27 Jan 2006434 kBSPEC file
kernel-source.dag.specFri 27 Jan 2006425 kBSPEC file