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Linux mksysb
mksysb is a powerful tool, commonly known by AIX administrators. It creates an online backup of a system for fast disaster recovery.
On AIX, mksysb takes care of creating a bootable image/medium, preserving the system partitioning/LVM configuration and backing up the filesystems. The result is a bootable medium (tape, image, DVD) that can be used to restore a system to its original state.

The aim of this project is to create a similar tool that:

All this within a single image that is easy to restore, either from itself or from a PXE server. The original idea lingered for a few years after which we collaborated with the Relax-and-Recover project.

This project implements most of the use-cases mksysb offers, but surpasses it in functionality and technology support. If you are looking for a powerful disaster recovery solution, a system snapshot tool, a simple way to restore a backup to dissimilar hardware or even a system migration tool, Relax-and-Recover is all of them.