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Squidguard add-ons
Install and run Squidguard in 2 minutes (after downloading ;)).
This page is not yet completed and I should make work of releasing some of these tools.
I made some Squidguard RPM packages to simplify the installation process. I made some Squidguard blacklists RPM packages to facilitate installing some default blacklists for Squidguard. The blacklists in these packages are: You can also use APT to get these packages automatically (and unattended). When you have to convince people what Squidguard can do, it might be handy to run your existing Squid-logs through Squidguard and create charts of the output. I have a script that actually does that, but I need to rewrite it a bit.

The ouput is a CSV file that contains the source IP address, the blocked destination name, the blocked URL and the original timestamp (and a human readable one).

You can use Gnumeric, Open Office or even Excel to generate some nice charts to show management.