WiiPresent is a small program that enables you to use a Nintendo Wiimote for giving presentations using Open Office, xpdf, evince or Acrobat Reader. It was designed as an off-the-shelf tool with no need to customize it.
But WiiPresent can also control multimedia applications or firefox. It does this by translating WiiMote events into keypresses for applications.

There were quite a few compelling reasons for using a Wiimote for giving presentations: Currently wiipresent can do the following things: See the for upcoming features, ideas and known issues. If you've found a bug, please check the for known problems and send me updates if you have more information to provide. or grab the latest tarball at: There's a mailinglist about wiipresent and some other home-made tools at: You can have access to the latest changes via subversion from: or see the latest commits via viewvc: The current asciidoc manual page is found here: For FrOSCon and T-DOSE we create a manual focussing on WiiPresent's functionality regarding giving presentations.