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A list of Belgian SPAM
Here is a list of email-addresses and information on Belgian SPAM I have received. These are opt-out lists that somehow added my email-adres (and often also non-personal addresses like mailinglist addresses and mailinglist owner addresses).

I always call phone numbers that are listed in such SPAM to ask them why they included me without my permission and every SPAMer believes it is in their right as long as people can unsubscribe themselves afterwards.

I urge everyone to call SPAMers everytime, at some point the overhead of answering calls will not weigh up against the benefits of adding people. Do not tell you who you are or accept the offer to get yourself removed as that is not the correct way to handle SPAM (besides you acknowledge your email-adres which makes it more valuable for SPAMers).

Name Email Phone URL Subject
kneistikrant redactie@kneistikrant.be http://www.kneistikrant.be/ Uw digitale krant van Knokke-Heist
Best Price no-reply@costumes-kostuums.be +32 475 585 585 / +32 2 646 14 62 http://www.worldway.be/ Promotie - Promotion
Vegas VIP Casino http://www.vipcasino2007.com/ Een ONGELOOFLIJKE Bonus
Valerie LEPAGE email@cdpro.emv1.net http://www.emv2.com/ 01 49 85 60 60
j.c.labadie@free.fr http://www.hic-nunc.com/
geert@capbohan.be geert@capbohan.be +32 61 500 547 http://www.trekkingschool.be/ Ardens vakantiehuis te koop
Opleidingen & Opdrachten helpdesk@dreamfashion.be +32 11 748 123 / +32 484 849 488 http://www.dreamfashion.be/ Opleidingen & Opdrachten
Pas les Royal !! info@paslesroyal.com www.paslesroyal.com La lettre du 23 novembre
KISP Volwassenonderwijs info@kisp.be http://www.kisp.be/ KISP modules
Digit4 N.V. info@digit4.be http://www.digit4.be/ Digit4 bestaat 10 jaar !!! - Vernieuwde website
kerstmis@kolmont.be kerstmis@kolmont.be http://i569.intraxxion.com/ Prettige Feestdagen
ANTWERP SAILING & adventures nieuwsbrief@antwerpsailingadventures.be http://www.antwerpsailingadventures.be/ EEN FANTASTISCH 2007 TOEGEWENST! wij zijn er klaar voor!
WWW.WW no-reply@sender.worldway.be +32 2 646 14 62 / +32 475 585 585 http://www.worldway.be/ Uitnodiging - Invitation !
Solden (-50%) Soldes! noreply@privilegenews.be +32 2 646 14 62 / +32 475 585 585 http://www.costumes-kostuums.be/ Uitnodiging VIP Solden (-50%) Invitation VIP Soldes
Belgates promo@belgates.be http://www.belgates.be Promotions mai 2005
Europuls.net invitation3@europuls.net http://europuls.net/add/ Nieuwe Internet catalogus
And here is the complete list of email-adresses from SPAM:

redactie@kneistikrant.be abonnement@kneistikrant.be no-reply@costumes-kostuums.be info@sender.costumes-kostuums.be info@costumes-kostuums.be noreply@costumes-kostuums.be email@cdpro.emv1.net vente_promo@routage.euro.tm j.c.labadie@free.fr geert@capbohan.be info@capbohan.be helpdesk@dreamfashion.be info@paslesroyal.com news@paslesroyal.com info@kisp.be info@digit4.be kerstmis@kolmont.be nieuwsbrief@antwerpsailingadventures.be no-reply@sender.worldway.be sender@sender.worldway.be info@worldway.be noreply@privilegenews.be info@privilegenews.be promo@belgates.be invitation3@europuls.net

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