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Building AIX LPP packages (with mklpp)
I know, this is _not_ finished. For the moment just some pointers to where to look. But even I didn't need more to get started ;)
In comparison to other package formats (like RPM), building AIX packages is a time-consuming and frustrating job. AIX packages are just a bundle of binaries glued together with the meta-information (name, version, dependencies, ...). But in contrast to RPM, you have to build everything in advance and move it in the package-tree. This means that _you_ are responsible for the right dependencies and this takes more time to do it right. The standard AIX packaging system uses the BFF format. However additional information about files inside the BFF package is included in what is called LPP. A lot of these packages are distributed with the EXE extension, this is because they are compressed using ZIP and are self-extracting.
List what is in a package without installing (PREVIEW)
installp -pacXd . all

List the package that owns a file
lslpp -w

List the files in a package
lslpp -f

List all packages installed
lslpp -L
Packaging software for installation
This is required lecture if you want to play around with mklpp.

AIX FAQ: How can I build an "installp format" file?
Here's what the AIX FAQ has to say about it, although lppbuild seems to be an older tool.

Bull's large Freeware and Shareware archive for AIX
It would also be nice if Bull could share their build configuration for these packages.

Public Domain Software Library for AIX

Installing a freeware package
They mean Open Source or Free Software package (not freeware).

AIX toolbox for Linux applications
Open Source RPM packages available for installation on AIX 4.3.3 & AIX 5L

AIX Tips
Nice overview of all links related to AIX.