These are the results of the preparation for a presentation I supported for the L2U (Leuvense Linux Users), a local LUG. There's a chance I'll keep this updated ;-) Of course, all improvements are welcomed.
Update 19 April 2004: After some mails from the mplayer team *demanding* correction, I'll add that this information is out-dated. The 'Last modified' date on this page has been reset due to this. Sigh.
  • Mplayer v0.9pre2
  • Ogle v0.8.2
  • VideoLan Client v0.3.1
  • Xine v0.9.9 + d5d v0.2.4 Features tested: forward/backward, fast 2x/4x, subtitles
    If not mentioned, features are working correctly.
    Tested with Xv or SDL and OSS.

    Overall results:

  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2.35, 16x9, reg 2, double sided)
  • Desperado (1.85, reg 2, double sided)
  • Fight Club
  • From Dusk Till Dawn (1.85, 16x9, reg 2, dual layer)
  • Gladiator (2.35, 16x9, reg 2, dual layer)
  • Monty Python's Life of Brian (4:3) (Low format, not counted)
  • Shakespeare In Love (2.35, 16x9, reg 2)
  • The Matrix (2.35, 16x9, reg 2, 2 layer)
  • General DVD info
  • DVD on Linux