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Red Hat Package Manager v4
These are the slides of a presentation I made for the L2U (Leuvense Linux Users), a local LUG. I'm planning to keep it fully updated on new releases of RPM. Of course, all improvements are welcomed.

I only provide PDF files as I didn't like the HTML output. The slides were made with StarOffice.

I'm keeping a small list of things I still need to do.

Using RPM, by Dag Wieërs <dag@wieers.com>. Updated 03 December 2002
Building with RPM, by Dag Wieërs <dag@wieers.com>. Updated 03 December 2002
At the moment it is copyrighted by me, but I plan to use an Open Source Documentation license when I've looked into that. If you plan to use it somewhere, just contact me.