The Business [The Definitive Singles Collection] ??? 1993
Disc One
  1. The Prince (Thompson)
  2. Madness (Campbell)
  3. One Step Beyond (Campbell)
  4. Mistakes (Barson/Hasler)
  5. Nutty Theme (McPherson/Thompson)
  6. My Girl (Barson)
  7. Stepping Into Line (McPherson/Bedford)
  8. In The Rain (McPherson/Madness/Thompson)
  9. Night Boat To Cairo (Barson/McPherson)
  10. Deceives The Eye (Bedford/Foreman)
  11. The Young And The Old (McPherson/Barson)
  12. Don't Quote Me On That (Madness)
  13. Baggy Trousers (McPherson/Foreman)
  14. The Business (Barson)
  15. Embarrassment (Thompson/Barson)
  16. Crying Shame (Barson)
  17. The Return Of The Los Palmas 7 (Barson/Woodgate/Bedford)
  18. That's The Way To Do It (Foreman)
  19. My Girl (Demo version) (Barson)
  20. Swan Lake (Live) (Trad. Arr. Barson)
  21. Grey Day (Barson)
  22. Memories (Foreman)
  23. Shut Up (McPherson/Foreman)
  24. A Town With No Name (Foreman)
Disc Two
  1. Never Ask Twice (McPherson/Barson)
  2. It Must Be Love (Labi Siffre)
  3. Shadow On The House (Foreman)
  4. Cardiac Arrest (Smash/Foreman)
  5. In The City (McPherson/Smash/Barson/Foreman/Crutchfield/Inoue)
  6. House Of Fun (Barson/Thompson)
  7. Don't Look Back (Foreman)
  8. Driving In My Car (Barson)
  9. Terry Wogan Jingle (Madness)
  10. Animal Farm (Madness)
  11. Riding On My Bike (Barson/Thompson)
  12. Our House (Stretch Mix) (Smyth/Foreman)
  13. Walking With Mr Wheeze (Barson)
  14. Tomorrow's (Just Another Day) (Smyth/Barson)
  15. Madness (Is All In The Mind) (Foreman)
  16. Wings Of A Dove (McPherson/Smyth)
  17. Behind The Eight Ball (Madness)
  18. One's Second Thoughtlessness (Thompson/Woodgate)
  19. The Sun And The Rain (Barson)
  20. Fireball XL5 (Thompson)
  21. Visit To Dracstein Castle (Madness)
  22. Michael Caine (Woodgate/Smyth)
Disc Three
  1. If You Think There's Something (Barson)
  2. One Better Day (McPherson/Bedford)
  3. Guns (McPherson)
  4. Victoria Gardens (Barson/Smyth)
  5. Sarah (Thompson)
  6. Yesterday's Men (Harmonic Ver) (McPherson/Foreman)
  7. All I Knew (McPherson)
  8. It Must Be Love (Live) (Labi Siffre)
  9. Uncle Sam (Thompson/Foreman)
  10. David Hamilton Jingle (Madness)
  11. Inanity Over Christmas (Thompson/Woodgate)
  12. Please Don't Go (Foreman)
  13. Sweetest Girl (Extended Ver) (Green)
  14. Jennie (A Portrait Of) (Thompson/Woodgate)
  15. Tears You Can't Hide (Smyth)
  16. Call Me (Smyth/McPherson)
  17. (Waiting For The) Ghost Train (McPherson)
  18. One Step Beyond (Italian Ver) (Campbell)
  19. Maybe In Another Life (Thompson/Neal/Woodgate)
  20. Seven Year Scratch (Madness/Campbell)
  21. Release Me (Miller/Williams/Young/Harris)
  22. Carols On 45 (Trad. Arr. Madness)
  23. The National Anthem (Trad. Arr. Madness)

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