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If you want to thank me because my packages have saved you already a lot of work, or if one of my tools is making your work much more enjoyable (or even indirectly got you a raise!) If people praise your wisdom, but you actually copied it directly from my website, you owe me bigtime :-)
There are several ways you can thank me, and each of them will encourage me to try to do my best.
  1. The easiest and cheapest way for you to thank me is by sending a lousy email with a small thank you. I enjoy if people take the time for that.

  2. Another way of thanking me is to help other people on one of the related mailinglists so I don't have to. You will not only earn my respect, but also be regarded highly by others.

  3. A much better way to thank me is to think about what improvements I could make to my packages or tools and add that to your Thank-you email. Again, you will help others too and end up in a wall-of-fame changelog.

  4. And the final way to thank me and making my time packaging and developing stuff more worthwhile, is by picking something from my Amazon wishlist. This will not only keep me happy, but it may convince relatives of the worthy cause that is eating all my free time.
Also a combination of these earns you some extra karma points ! :-)