Welcome to my repository of add-on RPM packages for Red Hat/Fedora. I currently have packages available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (2.1, 3, 4 and 5), Fedora Core (1, 2, and 3) and Red Hat Linux (6.2, 7.3, 8.0 and 9), for i386 and x86_64. They comprise different projects.

You can access these packages directly via the . Or better, choose smart, apt, yum or up2date to take care of installing software and resolving dependencies. More information and instructions are described in detail in the . Enjoy.
These packages are built against a clean installation using my homebrew build system (). You don't need other packages except those that come with the distribution and included in my repository. However, together with FreshRPMS and Dries, we're working towards a merge under the umbrella. Please read "" from the to get started quickly. For almost 2 years now the fedora.us project has been spreading FUD about mixing repositories. I finally decided to . Shame on them. The strength of my packages lie in the feedback I receive from users. Your feedback is crucial too. If you have improvements, want to contribute new packages or simply discovered an issue, please read the "" section from the .
If you have a general question, a compatibility problem or want to discuss something with other users, you can post on the . */?>