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Pixies - Planet Of Sound
[DAGMENU] Mozilla [4AD]
    SF Warfield, San Francisco (CA), 16 april 1992
  1. Bird Dream Of The Olypus Mons
  2. Planet Of Sound
  3. Debaser
  4. Rock Music (listed as: 'Miles Away')
  5. Head On
  6. Is She Weird?
  7. Monkey Gone To Heaven
  8. Here Comes Your Man
  9. Ed Is Dead
  10. Palace Of The Brine
  11. Letter To Memphis (listed as: 'Letters To Memphis')
  12. Manta Ray
  13. Subbacultcha
  14. Distance Equals Rate Times Time (not listed)
  15. The Sad Punk
  16. Gouge Away
  17. The Navajo Know
  18. Motorway To Roswell
  19. Alec Eiffel
  20. Stormy Weather
  21. The Happening (listed as: '#51')
  22. Velouria (listed as: 'Close My Head')
  23. Wave Of Mutilation
  24. Mr. Grieves
  25. Nimrod's Son
  26. Vamos (listed as: 'Isla De Encanta')
  27. U-Mass
  28. Cecilia Ann with Western-style riffs at the end (listed as: 'Western')
Length: 85 Mins
Comments: Vamos includes an extended guitar solo by Joey incorporating parts of "Happy Birthday" and the "Jeopardy!" theme.